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Room Hire

If you would like more information on hiring a room please contact the centre on 01270214324 or email

Whether its for a day's conference or one class per week let us help you to achieve your business goals.


Rooms available seven days a week

Upstairs aerobics room

- Plenty of natural light

- Full Length mirror wall

- Wide selection of fitness equipment available

- Recently renovated

- Suitable for many activities, including Dance, Pilates and Fitness classes

- Well ventilated and heater installed

Downstairs aerobics room

- Mirror wall

- 2 large heaters

- Spacious

- Ground floor

- Wheel chair access


Regular Payment

£18 per session

Our basic and highly

pay as you go payment structure

Cancel any time


Email "" for more details

Downstairs Recreation Room

- Low impact Tribond flooring

- Perfect for Dance, Bodyweight fitness classes and Pilates

- Large Space heater

- Ground Floor

- Wheel chair access

- Attached waiting room and viewing portal


50/50 Payment


For a limited time we are offering "50/50" payments


Instead of a sessional room hire fee, we'll take 50% of any income, no matter how much or how little.

Perfect when you're just starting out and feel you can't make the regular payments. 

Email "" for more details


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