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PT Testimonials

Chair Based Fitness

Dan has been running chair based classes since 2017.
Many of the members that attend say they enjoy the social aspect of the classes, alongside the chilled environments and clear, concise information.

Members respond well to the exercise, which can be as light or as heavy as desired.

Our members have said that it's the highlight of their week, especially during the pandemic where Dan would run the classes remotely.

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Bev's Clients

I currently have 6 clients, but one has stood out more than anyone even though they are all doing fantastic,

Her name is Naomi, 

Naomi has been a member of the centre just over a year having PT sessions weekly, she needed to lose weight and has anxiety, since lockdown started Naomi has never given up, she has gone from a size 18 to 14, she has PT sessions weekly, and even attended every class and zoom session over lockdown, she has worked amazingly hard,


Naomi Lawrence's statement:



 I found the classes and PT sessions really enjoyable. With someone who suffers with anxiety on a regular basis these workouts, with Bev's support, have helped me come off my medication and stay of it during lockdown. Bev is really supportive with my progress and making the workouts progressively harder to push me further.

She has really motivated me to keep going and push through.


Mother in law's statement:


I would just like to say a big thank you for all the support you had given Naomi during the lockdown, the regular workouts that you have sent to her to help keep her on track has helped keep her spirits up and anxiety at bay. This has been a huge help as she has been even more encouraged since the zoom classes have started, these have given her a huge boost!

Thank you so much, your support has been really appreciated.


Naomi's husband's statement:


It has boosted her confidence and she has her bubbly personality back

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Online Sessions During the Pandemic

Over lockdown, we had over 25 people in each online class, all with different abilities.

The members who had come to those classes totally enjoyed them, it had given them a new way of training and they could see each other and it was still fun for them, and they definitely work harder when they can see each other, it was nice for them to have some social interaction in lockdown, and they always ended the classes very happy, not everyone is comfortable with zoom so the classes were also posted in a members group, which they found enjoyable and could take it at there own pace, they could have conversations and interact with each other everyday in this group, they send photos and just chat about anything, it had definitely stopped the feeling of isolation and some great friendships had been formed in the group and on zoom.

Here's some personal testimonials:




 I've really enjoyed the classes Bev has posted on messenger.  Each class has been different so you don't ever get bored.  They range in ability too from mini raw to her raw class.  Bev has been so supportive and has sent classes earlier when we've asked for them to fit in with our daily routines.  It has been great that Bev also decided to do the classes on zoom, I think this gave everyone a boost as it was great to see our gym friends and probably gave everyone extra motivation.  Thanks Bev x


Carolyn Jordan:


I'm really enjoying the kettles class that Bev has put on zoom.  It's been good to see our gym gang which has definitely helped with motivation and general wellbeing during this difficult period.  Seeing other people rather than doing the exercises on your own has been fantastic, we've given each other a boost when someone has needed it and had a giggle whilst we're doing it.  After what can have been a challenging day working and home-schooling it's a fantastic way to unwind.  Thanks Bev xx


I have been a member of Camm St. Gym for several years now and absolutely love Bev she is supportive, kind and wants you do your best. I previously attended all her classes and have personal training sessions with her. Bev is very positive and gives lots of praise & encouragement. During lockdown I've missed the gym so much. The group Bev created for us all to stay in touch was a great idea. Bev has kept me motivated and focused with the workouts she has been sending and the Live Classes are really fun. If I wasn't able to do the classes I would have really struggled so its definitely helped with my well-being. My daughter has also started to join in with her classes too. I can't wait for Bev's classes to start again.

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