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Our Time In Lockdown

During this strange time we've all had to adapt and learn to enjoy gymnastics from home! And our members have all adapted brilliantly, from completing Badges, Challenges, One 2 One sessions, to attending regular Zoom classes! The uptake has been amazing with participation reaching 206 some weeks and a total of 86 gymnasts logging on to enjoy our Zoom sessions!

4 Gymnasts - Lily & Beth, Alice and Ellen have all passed British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards via either Zoom or video/email communication. Imogen has achieved a number of the British Gymnastics GymFit awards by emailing in clips of her home workouts, Connor and Erin have shown outstanding commitment by joining Zoom sessions daily, and 10 gymnasts to date have enhanced their learning from home with One 2 One sessions, these gymnasts also deserve a special mention - Mia, Louisa, Lily, Grace, Daisy, Isla & Laney, Liv, Sienna and Millie! Not to mention all the parents who have joined in, assisted their children, and become camera men/women and have made all of this possible!

Well done and Thank You to each and every one of you who have participated and supported the club through this time! We can't wait to see you all back in the gym soon!

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